Pg. 232 Ganon Design Retrospective

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Translated by Snow.


OoT Ganon

1998 – Ocarina of Time

The first appearance of Ganondorf, the original form of Ganon. This is where the image of a red haired demon thief used in later instalments was established.

OoX Ganon

2001 – Oracles

This design is reminiscent of that of the first Zelda. Is the spear he holds in his hand the same as the one used in A Link to the Past?

TWW Ganon

2002 – The Wind Waker

This is the very same Ganondorf as the one from Ocarina of Time, but his appearance has changed considerably to a dignified figure like that of a king.

TP Ganon

2006 – Twilight Princess

Rugged and clad in armor, this incarnation gave the impression of a strong warrior. Through his transformation he became even closer to a beast.

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