Pg. 29 Skyward Sword Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

The Bazaar

Item Check Clerk

When using her electronic device, she slowly squats down.


SS Item Check Clerk

Item Check Clerk


She is always absorbed in knitting.

SS Item Check Clerk

When you talk to the front (human side), she’s friendly. When you talk to the back (bird side), she’s harsh. She’s a mysterious girl.

She runs around the shop.

“Will you store or take something? Oh, it’s Link!”

*Bird Call* “What shall I store?”

SS Item Check Clerk

Final Sketch For Peatrice, Item Check Clerk

Item Check Clerk

Adjust the size and colour of the dots for the best effect when making the model.

Adjust amount if distorted in 3D modelling.

If distorted in 3D modelling, the key mark can be left out.

SS Peatrice

Item Check Clerk (5)

An old man who likes to tinker with bonsai.

He cares for his bonsai while talking to customers. He doesn’t look at customers.

“Hello and welcome!”

SS Item Check Clerk

Item Check Clerk

Absorbed in stacking playing cards.

She asks customers not to breathe if they come close.

SS Item Check Clerk

Item Check Clerk

He once carelessly took in a cat. The cat had many babies. This wasn’t what the man wanted, so he kept only the adults, and got rid of the kittens. That’s his background.

Too busy with cats to help customers.

He gives excuses and ignores customers because the cats are too cute.

The cats come to Link. I hoped they would comfort the player… the more cats the better, but it’s difficult to do.

SS Item Check Clerk

Item Check Clerk

He’s a noisy human beat-boxer.

His hair is always swept in the same direction.

There’s a rumour that he has a speaker in his hair.

Slightly drunk, very noisy.

Carries a small item that looks like a mike. He doesn’t really need it because his voice is powerful.

He’s always giving out autographs during business hours.

His legs are too long for him.

SS Item Check Clerk

Unused Bazaar Character

Fruit and Vegetable Vendor

Calls everyone “little ” or “cute”. Pleasant man.

“Cute Zelda”, “Little Link”, “Little Grandma”, “Cute Baby”

Refers to himself as “Little Uncle”.

Left Basket:

Vegetable basket

Right Basket:

Fruit basket

Basically, he is well known and likes telling stories.

“The item check girl’s daddy used to be a superstar. He named his daughter the reverse of his name, though his little wife was against it. It’s just a rumour, though…”

SS Vegetable Vendor

Shop Owners With Strong Personalities

There are many shop owners with strong personalities in the Zelda series. Perhaps that’s because there are so many ideas for the characters…?

SS Salvatore

            Legend of Zelda       Salvatore From The Wind Waker

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