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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of Light and Dark A Link to the Past

•Rescuing Princess Zelda

Link rescued Princess Zelda from the prison and they escaped through a secret passage to a church, where they sought sanctuary. The priest there gave refuge to Princess Zelda and Link set off to find the Master Sword to beat Agahnim.

Link paid a visit to the sage Sahasrahla and obtained the Pendant of Courage. In order to be entitled to obtain the Master Sword, the hero needed to obtain two other pendants.

•The Pathway to the Dark World

By sending the maidens that were descendants of the sages to the Dark World, Agahnim opened a pathway to the Dark World. Whoever stepped on the magic squares that worked as an entrance would go astray in the Dark World and their body would turn into a monster. Link, who had the makings of a hero, didn’t become a monster, but he his body turned into an animal (a bunny).

Link obtained the Moon Pearl so that his body wouldn’t change in the Dark World, and the Magic Mirror, which was used to go back to the Light World.



An elder from Kakariko Village and a descendant of the seven sages. He was familiar with the legends of Hyrule, and helped Link in his adventure.

•The Moon Pearl

A jewel that can repel evil. It provides protection against the evil power of the Demon King Ganon, who controlled the Dark World, and it prevents the body from changing.

•The Magic Mirror

A beautiful clear mirror. An item that allows going back to the Light World from the Dark World.

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•The People that Went Astray in the Dark World

Link goes back and forth between the two worlds, and he meets some people who went astray in the Dark World. He gets to see the sad ending of those who went missing in the Light World.

Blind, the thief who secretly lived in Kakariko Village, lived in the Dark World’s Thieves’ Town, and deceived Link. The young boy who played his flute for the animals turned into a fox in the Dark World. When Link found his flute and played it for him, the boy asked Link to let his father listen to its sound again, turned into a tree and rested in peace.

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