Pg. 124 Ganondorf’s Repeated Revivals

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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker

•Ganondorf’s Secret Plans

After hundreds of years, Ganondorf, who had been sealed away when Hyrule sunk into the ocean, was revived again. Ganondorf attacked the temples of the Great Sea, killing the two sages who had been praying for the Master Sword.

Once he was out on the open sea, he set up a base in the Forsaken Fortress and began searching for the one granted the Triforce of Wisdom, the descendant of Princess Zelda.

•The Descendants of the Royal Family and the Pirate Crew

For the sake of preventing Ganondorf, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was awakened from his seal by the Goddesses. Calling himself “The King of Red Lions”, he possessed a red boat and set out to search for a new hero and the descendant of the royal family.

In this era, Zelda -the descendant of the royal family- had been brought up as Tetra, the captain of a pirate crew.


•Forsaken Fortress

The lair of the resurrected Ganondorf. It is inhabited by many demons.

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•The Sea Chart of the Era of the Great Sea

With the old continent sunk into the ocean, this new world is but a land of small islands. The royal family and the rest of the Hylians, the Kokiri, the Gorons and the Zora have all survived on these small islands.

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