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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

Inside the Thunderhead

SS Bilocyte

SS Bilocyte

SS Spit

SS Bilocyte

Final Sketch for the Ocular Parasite, Bilocyte

SS Bilocyte

“Our first concept was “Let’s have a fight with a huge boss in the sky while riding a Loftwing!” After that though, we thought, “But in the end, it’s gotta be Link who wins the battle, alone with his sword!”, and added that element, too.”
(Fujibayashi, Director)

Different forms of mouth, etc. Make holes on back same as the body. Put barnacles on the underside of body.

Top Row – First From Left:
A: Just a slight edge to the shell.

Top Row – Second From Left:
B: Lao Zi

Middle Row:
C: Another idea for the shell.

Bottom Row – First From Left:
D: Goat Eyes

Bottom Row – Second From Left:
E: Drooping Eyebrows

SS Levias

Top Left Sketch:
A: Catfish Type
The parasite’s tentacle is like another arm coming off the body, different from the rest of the body.

Bottom Right Sketch:
B: Dugong Type
The parasite is stuck flat to the body, extends in a gel-like form.

SS Levias

Top Left Sketch:
C: Turtle + Fish Type
The parasite’s tentacle comes out from the middle of the body, with a tattoo-like design.

Bottom Right Sketch:
D: Sperm Whale Type
The tentacle is stiffer, and comes from a hole (like a big barnacle?).

SS Levias

Final Sketch for Skytail

SS Skytail

Spirits that Have Large Bodies?

Large spirit beings like Levias have appeared multiple times in other Zelda games. These beings are often based on sea creatures, as Lord Jabu-Jabu was in “Ocarina of Time”.

SS Jabun

Jabun from “The Wind Waker”

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