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The following was translated by ShiKage and FamliarStranger. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Sky Era Skyward Sword

•The Extinction of Demise

Link, who had returned to his own era, set off to find the Triforce of legend. The mark of the Triforce that Link gained from the trials showed that he deserved to use the almighty power. His wish was granted and the Isle of the Goddess that was floating in the sky returned to the surface, exterminating Demise.

Zelda, whose role had been fulfilled, awakened from her many thousand year long sleep.

Era: Game:
Thousands of Years Ago Skyward Sword

•The Demon King’s Revival in the World of the Past

The outraged Ghirahim took Zelda into the past through the Gate of Time. In the era of the past, he performed a ritual to revive Demise. Link followed after Ghirahim to dispose of him, but the revival of Demise was already realized.

Demise’s first battle with a Human was unfolding. After a fierce fight, Link vanquished Demise. His existence was exterminated and his hatred was sealed in the Master Sword. The fear of the demons was finally erased from the surface.

Era: Game:
The Sky Era Skyward Sword

•The Return to the Surface

Zelda and crew returned to their own era. They looked at the peaceful wind blowing over the world and they could feel the beginning of a new era. Zelda made a decision to live on the surface and watch over the Triforce.

However, the extinction of Demise was not the end of the battle. This was the beginning of the endless cycle of the conflict of those bound to the curse of the demon that have the Blood of the Goddess and the Spirit of the Hero.


•The Mark of the Triforce

Three marks which appear on the back of the hand. The top represents power, the bottom left represents wisdom, and the bottom right represents courage. Only by achieving this equilibrium can the Triforce unleash its true power.


A ritual to revive Demise by sacrificing the soul of Zelda, the reincarnation of Goddess Hylia. Being an incarnation of Demise’s sword, Ghirahim’s objective was to revive his master.

•Fi and Impa

Fi also fulfilled her role and her contract with Link was dissolved. The Master Sword was returned to its pedestal, and enters a long slumber along with Fi. Impa stays in the Past in order to watch over the sword, ensuring the complete eradication of Demise’s residual conciousness.

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