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Era: Game:
The Era of Decline The Legend of Zelda

•Seeking the 8 Pieces of the Triforce

Link, at the end of his trials, had managed to find the 8 dungeons, collect the shards of the Triforce within, and complete the Triforce of Wisdom

•The Triforce of Wisdom

Using the power of the Triforce of Wisdom, Link destroyed the Great Demon King, Ganondorf, and saved Princess Zelda.

Thus, the Triforce of Wisdom and Power were restored, and, for a brief time, peace visited the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Era: Game:
The Era of Decline Adventure of Link

•The Land of Hyrule is Destroyed

Link remained in the kingdom even after defeating the Great Demon King, Ganon, and lent a hand to the reconstruction efforts. However, this was all for naught, as the land of Hyrule was again destroyed by Ganon’s underlings, who were plotting to resurrect him.


•The 8 Dungeons

The dungeons are the Eagle, Moon, Manji, Snake, Lizard, Dragon, Demon, and Lion. Impa tells Link their approximate shapes. Within each dungeon, he is able to obtain a more detailed map.

•Saving Princess Zelda

Prior to the life or death struggle with Ganon, Zelda is imprisoned in the depths of a dungeon. Link beats back the flames surrounding the princess with his sword, and manages to free her.

•The Resurrection of Ganon

It is said that Ganon may be resurrected through the sacrifice of Link, the one who defeated him, sprinkling his blood over the ashes of the Demon King.

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  1. C B says:

    check the dungeon names…lost in translation?

  2. rickie-d says:

    The “Swastika” dungeon is most definitely the Manji Dungeon. That wouldn’t be a mistranslation, that would be a mistaken assumption on the translator’s part.

  3. SilverArcher says:

    That is not a Swastika, it’s a Manji.
    If you can’t translate correctly that or the original name of Onox (Gorgon) then we ca’t trust your transalation.

    • GlitterBerri says:

      Are they not different names for the same thing? Are you assuming that “swastika” refers exclusively to the symbol used by the Nazis?

      Where is the mistake relating to Onox’s name? Hyrule Historia is a very long book with a lot of text, and the translators who have contributed to this project have done their best to render it as accurately as possible in English. If you feel there is an error, please point it out and I will look into it.

      You would do well to be more polite. Remember, we are volunteers who are spending a lot of time and effort to bring you this information for free.

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