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The Era of Decline Adventure of Link

•The Mark of the Crest Appears on Link

6 years after the suppression of the Great Demon King, Ganon, a mark resembling the crest of the royal family suddenly surfaces on the back of the left hand of Link, now 16. Concerned, Link passes on this information to Impa, who, surprised, brings Link to the northern castle.

•Princess Zelda I, Asleep on the Altar

Link and Impa arrive before an unopened chamber in the northern castle. Link presses his crest against the door, and it opens with a clatter. The room within contains an altar, upon which a beautiful girl is laid. She is Princess Zelda I, continuing her slumber after being majicked into an eternal sleep.

•The History of Hyrule Unveiled

Impa tells Link the story of Zelda I, and entrusts with him 6 crystals and a scroll bearing the crest of Hyrule’s royal family.


•The Forbidden Chamber

The chosen one, capable of wielding the Triforce, can open it. Only Impa’s line knew the secret means of entry.

•The Royal Family’s Scroll

It was left behind by a former great king of Hyrule, passed down by Impa’s line. Despite being written in completely unfamiliar script, Link was able to read it as though it spoke to him.

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•The Setting For Adventure of Link

This time, Link doesn’t remain in Hyrule Kingdom, as his journeys take him to two vast continents. The Northern Palace lies in the northeast, and in the southwest is Death Mountain, which was once the lair of the Great Demon King, Ganon.

Many years after they sealed away the evil thief, Ganondorf, the sages have lived on in the names of towns: Rauru, Ruto, Saria, Nabooru and Darunia.

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