Pg. 35 Skyward Sword Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

Skyloftians (Unused Designs)

Bamboo Cutter

His bird friend, Mr. Sao

SS Bamboo Cutter

Bamboo Cutter

A lethargic former knight who takes things at her own pace. When she married, she devoted herself to bamboo cutting. She has tea with the lunch lady at the Academy. Whenever Link visits her husband, he always just misses seeing him, so we never know what he looks like. (What if hints about his personality are dropped in conversation, and by the end of the game we actually know him well?) Sometimes she can’t differentiate between Link and bamboo and tries to cut him (saying “Your clothes are green, it’s confusing!”)

SS Bamboo Cutter

“Bamboo Cutter” Person (5)

He is the grandson of the lunch lady. He quit the Academy because it was too much work. He does not do his bamboo cutting work if he doesn’t feel like it either.

His hat and chainmail are from his days as a knight. They provide good protection, so he uses them even now.

“Bamboo cutting? Nah, I don’t feel like doing it.”

Link: “Eh?!” *Shock*

Mark on pants is the same as the one on the lunch lady’s apron at the Academy.

He’s lazy, so he always refuses the first time.

SS Bamboo Cutter

Final Sketch for Peater

Background: Father of Item Check girl (Former pop star). A regular father who’d do anything for his daughter. 17 years ago, he was a brave student, but he wanted to put passion
into one thing, and decided “I’m going to be a pop idol!” and left the Knight Academy behind.

Now quite some time has passed since his idol days. He was told by his daughter to take care of his body, and now all he talks about is dieting.

Before he realized it, he got so fat that he can’t fit in the old chainmail he got out from the Item Check.

Coloured Sketch:
Always very shiny.
A locket that has pictures of his wife and daughter.
He wears the same chain mail as Link.
His daughter sewed these [patches] on.


Right Sketch:
It’s a hood.

“Diet…Hunh!” “Diet…Hah!”

SS Peater

Final Sketch for Peater’s Sword

Bamboo Cutter’s Sword

SS Peater's Sword

SS Peater

The Sky Islands and People:

A floating valley island with mountain-like high and low areas. We drew this with the idea of climbing toward the legendary birds you can see in the high areas…

SS Islands

Final Sketch for Beedle

Hidden Store

He moves his store to each island with a helicopter.

SS Beedle

SS Beedle

Final Sketch for Dodoh, Fun Fun Island Operator


SS Dodoh

Roulette Man

Left Head Sketch:
Face Paint Pattern A

*Spin Spin*

SS Dodoh

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