Pg. 70 The Legend of the Gods and the Hero of Time

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The following was translated by FamliarStranger. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

This world was created by three Goddesses. The Goddesses did not rule this world, but rather left its fate up to the land, the order, and the life that they created. Leaving behind the omnipotent Triforce…

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The Era of the World’s Creation A Link to the Past / Ocarina of Time, Etc.

The Creation History

•The Creation of the World by the Goddesses of Creation.

When there was nothing but chaos in the universe, the world was created by three Goddesses. The Goddess of Power Din created the land, The Goddess of Wisdom Nayru created order, and the Goddess of Courage Farore created all living creatures.

When the Goddesses of Creation left the world, they left the Triforce, a sacred golden triangle representing their powers. It is an omnipotent relic that grants the wishes of those who touch it.

•Triforce, Relic of the Gods

Goddess Hylia was tasked with watching over the new world and the Triforce. It is not known why the Goddesses left the Triforce in this world.


•The Three Goddesses

The Goddesses of Creation who control power, wisdom, and courage. Din, Nayru, and Farore each have a crest that represents them, which can be found in places related to them.

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•The Omnipotent Triforce

A Sacred Triangle that grants the wish of those who touch it. The Triforce does not distinguish between good and evil, and therefore grants both good and evil wishes.

Using it correctly requires a strong heart and inherent ability, as well as balance between power, wisdom and courage. If touched by one without this balance, it splits into three pieces, the Triforce of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. The one who touched it is left with only the one he most strongly believes in, while the other two appear on the back of the hands of two others chosen by the Gods. To obtain its true power, the two missing pieces of the Triforce must be acquired.

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  1. HyrulianHero says:

    Sorry, you can kill that last message, big typo. This is how it was meant to read:

    I wonder if the line, “The one who touched it is left with only the one he most strongly believes in…” would read better, “The one who touched it is left with only the one he most strongly embodies…” or, ”The one who touched it is left with only the one he most strongly identifies with…”. Thank you for your translations, you’ve done more of a service to Zelda fans than Nintendo did by releasing this only in Japanese.

    • Snow says:

      The translation is actually pretty much spot on as it is. The word used is 信じる, which means to believe in; to confide in or to place trust in.

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