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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

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The Era of the Goddess Hylia Skyward Sword

•Goddess Hylia and the Battle Against Evil

As time passed by, the Era of the Goddess Hylia begun. From the depths of the earth, evil creatures arose with its sights set on the Triforce. This evil was the fearsome demon tribe and their leader Demise, who with his vast power sought to rule the world.

To protect the Triforce from falling into the hands of the demon tribe, Goddess Hylia sent it skyward along with the remaining humans. Then, to separate sky and earth, she sealed the surface with a sea of clouds.

The Goddess and the tribes left on the surface, put their lives at stake to successfully seal away Demise.

•The Goddess’ Sealing of the Surface

The surface had escaped destruction, but it was clear that the seal wouldn’t be able to last forever. Thus, Hylia decided to try to exterminate Demise with the power of the Triforce.

She instructed Impa of the Sheikah tribe to watch over the seal after her death.



The source of all evil with power enough to destroy the entire world. It is the embodiment of evil, its appearance changes with each era. It plans to claim the Triforce and rule the surface with the Demon Tribe.

•The Sub-Humans

Non-human species, such as the rocky Goron Tribe.

•The Cloud Barrier

Thick clouds separating heaven and earth. Its purpose is to seal away the surface and prevent people from going there.

•The Sheikah Tribe

The Servants of Goddess Hylia. Light-bodied people assigned by Hylia to guard the seal for future generations.

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•Hylia’s Realm

The sacred precincts of Hylia lay in the centre of the world. Hylia cut out a piece of this land and sent it skyward with the surviving humans. The area was sealed in order to stop Demise, and the site then came to be known as the Sealed Grounds.

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