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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Sky Era Skyward Sword

•Goddess Hylia’s Reincarnation

As the day that Demise’s seal would break drew near, a certain baby girl was born in Skyloft. This girl’s name was Zelda, and she was the reincarnation of Goddess Hylia.

Zelda grew up to become a beautiful woman, and she was elected to play the part of the Goddess in the Knight Academy’s annual Wing Ceremony. The winner of this year’s Wing Ceremony was an unusual boy named Link riding a rare crimson Loftwing, and so he and Zelda were to perform the ritual of the Goddess.

•Demon Lord Ghirahim

At the same time, Ghirahim had begun setting his plans on the surface in motion. Calling himself Demon Lord, he took control over the land below the clouds and sent out his minions to search for Goddess Hylia and bring his plans into fruition: to revive his master, Demise.

Watching the skies, he finally found her reincarnation and summoned a giant tornado to drag her down to the surface.


•The Wing Ceremony

An annual graduation ceremony for students at the Knight Academy; the winner gets to graduate to become a senior student. The students ride their Loftwings, chasing after a nimble bird statuette.

•The Goddess Ritual

The winner of the Wing Ceremony gets the honour of partaking in this ritual and recieves a sailcloth similar to the one said to be worn by the hero. The ritual itself has been passed on from ancient times in commemoration of the Goddess. Since this year is also the 25th anniversary of the Knight Academy, the award ceremony was carried out high atop the statue of the Goddess.

•Demon Lord Ghirahim

A master of many magic spells, such as teleportation and summoning.

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•The Knight Academy

A school for educating knights to uphold the peace of Skyloft. The top graduates get to join the Rescue Knights, who patrol the skies day and night and rescue those who fall off the islands.

Those who pass the Wing Ceremony graduate to senior students and get to wear that academy’s knight uniform, whose colour changes with each annual graduation. Link graduated during the academy’s 25 year anniversary and received a green uniform.

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