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Hi there!

My name is Aria Tanner, professional translator, journalist, and video game fan. I have multiple years of experience translating game-related material, including art books, guidebooks, interviews, menu and system text, scripts, and dialogue.

To further detail my qualifications, I am a Canada-based native English speaker whose background includes language tutoring, assistant teaching, and 8 years as a self-employed freelance Japanese to English translator. While I specialize in literary and video game translations, my work has also included the translation of short stories, technical documents, and developer correspondence, as well as the transcription and translation of a variety of media such as graphic novels, video, and audio. In addition, I am technologically proficient in programs and languages such as HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, and committed to remaining current in my knowledge of translation software.

Through my years of performing translations for a variety of clients from around the world, and the 1.5 year duration of my residency and education in Japan, I have acquired excellent communication and writing skills in both Japanese and English, experience working under pressure and with looming deadlines, and an understanding of the importance of fluid and natural translations.

This website serves as a portfolio of my work.

Please feel free to contact me at with any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Doug White より:

    I stumbled upon your website completely by accident and chance. I am impressed by much of what I saw, your surrealistic art, your translations, and rather unique interests esp. your pioneering role as a curator/culminator of the sensational stories within the history of the video game industry. Your work wool be such an important part of the historical record and will provide our future with understanding of how IT just happened. The two stories are parallel and do well for designing the unique effects [-]&[+] of our continued rapid parabolic thrust of ever-advancing technologies: and how they are paving a path to the future of our societies and evolving cultures.

    that said I really think that if you are looking for a career (postedonursite). A place like the link in heading would be ideal in my opinion, or at least worth looking at. Again I found your site randomly I was looking into using the company, whose website I keep it up andas looking over their technology possibly to sell to my clients.

    The Why…. all too often web sites and user manual and anything else written for another language is full of mistakes which are always misleading and at times are a bit dangerous even. take a look, or even just google them. keep up the great work and good luck to you and yours!

  2. Paul Fleck より:


    I have been following your career for awhile now and would love to chat with you about learning japanese, freelance translating and all that on an episode of the weekly podcast we do.

    Wondering if you would be available and interested in taking a few hours one Saturday and chatting.

    I’m not sure the best way to contact you but you can reach me back at the email I’ve provided or tweet me @exfauxsure on twitter.

    Thanks and best regards!!


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