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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

The Lumpy Pumpkin

Final Sketch for Keet

Pumpkin Bar Customer 1

Kina’s Fan

Top Right Sketch:

Top Right Sketch:

SS Keet

Fanboy of Kina

He is a traveller. He happened to stop by the bar once, and fell in love with Kina at first sight. Since then, he comes every day to serenade Kina and sing his feelings. (He’s a late bloomer, and can’t talk to girls yet. He doesn’t get noticed.)

He’s pretty much just the BGM for the bar now.

“Ah~ That’s right. It’s you, only for you I CRY, my heart is in PAIN”

SS Kina Fan

Customer 2

A poet who is very shy. He brings letters he wrote to Kina every day, because he can’t talk to her.

The content of the letters is not words of love, but drink orders and such. He’s too shy to write about anything like love.

He writes letters on the spot.

Top Left Sketch:
He’s actually allergic to pumpkins.
He’s left-handed.

Bottom Left Sketch:
He writes letters on the spot. He communicates with others like this.
*Scritch Scritch*

Bottom Left Sketch (Person to the Right):
“That’s kind of annoying, man.”

SS Kina Fan

Pumpkin Bar Customer 2

Kina’s Fan (3)

A budding artist. His dream is to put on a show of his own work, and in order to make new pieces, he is always sketching, with Kina as the model. Younger brother of Upperclassman A.

Bottom Right Sketch:
Oh! You! You’d make a great painting! Will you let me sketch you sometime?
Link: “Uh…”

SS Kina Fan

Customer 2

Hard-Working Student

A serious student in the middle of his studies. He’s not wealthy, but wants his parents to be able to relax, so he’s working very hard at school. One day, his test score was really good, and as a reward to himself, he ended up going to the Lumpy Pumpkin, where he fell in love with the soup and Kina.

He saves up what little money he makes working part-time, and comes to eat at the bar. He’s a nice guy who never forgets to bring a bouquet of flowers. His spending isn’t wasteful; he always manages to find the money somehow.

He’s a kind boy who thinks of his family.

He dotes on his younger brother.

“If I pass…!! I’m gonna say how I feel…!!”

SS Kina Fan

“Since the theme this time was the sky, we decided to focus on birds as far as animals went, and not include any cows, etc. Because of that, instead of milk, we have pumpkin soup in this game. The main crop of people in the sky is pumpkins, and everyone loves them. The poster girl for the Lumpy Pumpkin is almost an idol, and some surprising people turn out to be her fans… There’s some people who seem to be hiding their fan status, too.”
(Iwamoto, Producer / Hirono, Designer)

Milk Bar (Unused):

Milk Bar People

Left Sketch:
Cow Horns
When customers come, he shakes his body to ring the bells at his neck.

Right Sketch:
Mama [Note: This term is also used with bar hostesses.]
Milk Crown
Skin is silky smooth.

SS Milk Bar People

Customer 2

A delivery boy from a farm.

When the bar master orders famously delicious milk, this boy brings it. He hated his job at first, but after seeing Kina,he is gung-ho about doing it. Actually, he does a lot of things for free, and also comes to eat the soup, so the master is quite happy.

He loves the pet weasel he got from his dead mother, and goes with him everywhere.

The weasel stays in the boy’s hood, and puts his face out to try to get food. Has a very stubborn personality.

Talk to him from the front, and you can speak with the boy. Talk to him from the back, and you can listen to the weasel.

Top Right Sketch:
Milk [all bottles]
These are all free.
Patches are shaped like milk bottles.
Weasel: “Give me meat! Meat!” Will I get food if I give this flower?

Bottom Left Sketch:
Usually he has his hood down.
“You look cute today, too!”
Link: “Oh”
Weasel: Will I get some milk? I don’t need pumpkin.
It’s the weasel’s voice…

SS Milk Bar People

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