Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia

Hyrule Historia is a Zelda encyclopedia containing never-before-seen concept art, designer commentary, and the official Zelda timeline. The book originally saw a limited release in Japan in Dec. 2012, commemorating The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary. 8 months later, it was announced that the book would be brought to the English-speaking world by Dark Horse Comics.

In the intervening time, a few other translators and I embarked on a fan translation project. The results are what you see below. Because of the announcement of the official English release, the fan translation was never finished. For the most accurate version of the translation, and the missing content, please pick up a copy of the official book. Showing your support for Nintendo and Dark Horse will help encourage these companies to bring similar publications overseas!

I’m credited in the official translation as Aria Tanner. In addition to some editing, I was responsible for pages 84 to 239.


Pg. 2 & 3 Miyamoto’s Statement

Skyward Sword Concept Art

Pg. 6 & 7 Introduction

Pg. 8 Link
Pg. 9 More Link
Pg. 10 Zelda
Pg. 11 More Zelda
Pg. 12 Fi
Pg. 13 More Fi

Pg. 14 Ghirahim
Pg. 15 More Ghirahim
Pg. 16 Impa
Pg. 17 The Imprisoned & Demise

Pg. 18 The Overworld
Pg. 19 More Overworld
Pg. 20 Skyloft & the Islands in the Sky
Pg. 21 More Skyloft & the Islands in the Sky

Pg. 22 The Knight Academy
Pg. 23 More Knight Academy
Pg. 24 Students of the Knight Academy
Pg. 25 More Students of the Knight Academy

Pg. 26 Bazaar
Pg. 27 More Bazaar
Pg. 28 Even More Bazaar
Pg. 29 Yet More Bazaar

Pg. 30 Skyloftians
Pg. 31 More Skyloftians & Houses
Pg. 32 Even More Skyloftians
Pg. 33 Unused Skyloftians

Pg. 34 The Isle of the Goddess
Pg. 35 The Sky Islands and People
Pg. 36 The Lumpy Pumpkin
Pg. 37 More Lumpy Pumpkin & Milk Bar

Pg. 38 Thunderhead
Pg. 39 More Thunderhead
Pg. 40 Sealed Grounds
Pg. 41 More Sealed Grounds

Pg. 42 Faron Woods
Pg. 43 The Big Tree & Skyview Temple

The Timeline

Timeline Section Introduction

Pg. 68 The Chronology of Hyrule
Pg. 69 The Timeline

The Era of the Creation of the World

Pg. 70 The Legend of the Gods

The Era of the Goddess Hylia

Skyward Sword
Pg. 71 The Ancient Battle

The Sky Era

Skyward Sword
Pg. 72 Skyloft
Pg. 73 The Gears of Fate
Pg. 74 The Surface
Pg. 75 The Gate of Time
Pg. 76 Demise’s Defeat

The Era of Chaos & the Era of Prosperity

Pg. 77 The Sealing of the Sacred Realm

The Force Era

The Minish Cap
Pg. 78 The Picori and the Light Force
Pg. 79 The Sorcerer’s Birth
Pg. 80 Searching for the Four Elements
Pg. 81 The Great Sorcerer’s End

Four Swords
Pg. 82 The Legend of the Four Sword
Pg. 83 The Four Heroes

The Era of the Hero of Time

Ocarina of Time
Pg. 84 Hyrule Kingdom in Chaos
Pg. 85 Those Chosen by the Triforce
Pg. 86 Those Chosen by the Triforce (Continued)
Pg. 87 Ocarina of Time
Pg. 88 Ocarina of Time (Continued)
Pg. 89 Ocarina of Time (Continued)
Pg. 90 The Deciding Battle VS Ganondorf
Pg. 91 Ocarina of Time (Continued)

The Downfall of Hyrule
Pg. 92 Hyrule’s Decline & Last Hero
Pg. 93 The Imprisoning War

The Era of Light and Dark

A Link to the Past
Pg. 94 The Princess of Light
Pg. 95 The Princess of Light (Continued)
Pg. 96 A Link to the Past
Pg. 97 The End of the Dark World

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages
Pg. 98 Trial of The Triforce
Pg. 99 Rescuing Din
Pg. 100 Nayru, the Oracle of Ages
Pg. 101 The Return of the Demon King

Link’s Awakening
Pg. 102 Adventure Within a Fleeting Dream
Pg. 103 Seeking to Escape the Island

The Golden Era

Pg. 104 The Great King and the Triforce of Courage

The Era of Decline

Pg. 105 The Great King and the Triforce of Courage (Continued)

The Legend of Zelda
Pg. 106 Legends Passed Down in Hyrule
Pg. 107 Seeking the Triforce

Adventure of Link
Pg. 108 Link Receives His Crest
Pg. 109 Link’s Determination

The Era of the Hero of Time (Child Era)

Pg. 110 The Twilight Realm & Hero’s Descendants

Majora’s Mask
Pg. 111 Turmoil in Termina
Pg. 112 Turmoil in Termina (Continued)

Twilight Princess
Pg. 113 Ganondorf’s Execution

The Twilight Era

Twilight Princess
Pg. 114 Ganondorf’s Dark Powers
Pg. 115 Midna & Link
Pg. 116 The Palace of Twilight
Pg. 117 The Resistance
Pg. 118 Princess Zelda’s Revival & Ganon’s Suppression

The Shadow Era

Four Swords Adventures
Pg. 119 Shadow Link’s Trap
Pg. 120 Wind Sorcerer Vaati’s Return
Pg. 121 The Battle Against Ganon

The Era of the Hero of Time (Adult Era)

Pg. 122 The Hero of Wind & A New World

The Era without a Hero

The Wind Waker
Pg. 123 The Legend of the Great Flood

The Era of the Great Sea

The Wind Waker
Pg. 124 Ganondorf’s Repeated Revivals
Pg. 125 Adventure Brought by the Wind
Pg. 126 Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)
Pg. 127 Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)
Pg. 128 Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)
Pg. 129 Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)

The Era of the Great Sea Voyage

Phantom Hourglass
Pg. 130 The Beginning of the Age of Exploration
Pg. 131 Adventure on the S.S. Linebeck
Pg. 132 Battle Against Bellum

The Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth

Spirit Tracks
Pg. 133 The Early History of Hyrule’s Rebirth
Pg. 134 Spirit Zelda
Pg. 135 The Restoration of Peace

Concept Art

The Legend of Zelda Concept Art

Pg. 138 Link
Pg. 139 Development Documents
Pg. 140 Game Scenes
Pg. 141 More Game Scenes

The Adventure of Link & A Link to the Past Concept Art

Pg. 142 Link

A Link to the Past Concept Art

Pg. 143 Zelda & Ganon

Link’s Awakening Concept Art

Pg. 144 Development Documents

Ocarina of Time Concept Art

Pg. 145 Link
Pg. 146 Zelda, Sheik & Impa
Pg. 147 Sages
Pg. 148 Ganondorf
Pg. 149 Ganondorf & Ganon
Pg. 150 Scene Art

Majora’s Mask Concept Art

Pg. 151 Link & Goron Link
Pg. 152 Deku Link, Zora Link & Skull Kid
Pg. 153 Tingle & Environments

The Wind Waker Concept Art

Pg. 154 Link
Pg. 155 Tetra
Pg. 156 Ganondorf
Pg. 157 Supporting Characters
Pg. 158 Kokiri & Rito
Pg. 159 Monsters
Pg. 160 More Monsters
Pg. 161 Sages
Pg. 162 Islands
Pg. 163 Environments

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages Concept Art

Pg. 164 Link
Pg. 165 Nayru
Pg. 166 Supporting Characters
Pg. 167 Supporting Characters
Pg. 168 Onox & Veran
Pg. 169 Bossblin, Ganondorf & Scene Art

Twilight Princess Concept Art

Pg. 170 Link
Pg. 171 Link & Wolf Link
Pg. 172 Midna
Pg. 173 More Midna
Pg. 174 Zelda & Sheik

Pg. 175 Zant
Pg. 176 Ganondorf
Pg. 177 Ganon & Ganondorf

Pg. 178 Light Spirits
Pg. 179 Sages & Hero’s Shade

Pg. 180 Ilia
Pg. 181 Ordon Villagers
Pg. 182 Kakariko Villagers

Pg. 183 Telma
Pg. 184 Auru
Pg. 185 Shad & Ashei
Pg. 186 Impaz, Falbi & Fyer
Pg. 187 Jovani, Oocoo, Purlo, Fairy
Pg. 188 Goron Tribe
Pg. 189 More Gorons
Pg. 190 Zora Tribe
Pg. 191 Rutela & Ralis

Pg. 192 Minibosses
Pg. 193 Monsters
Pg. 194 Twilight Emissaries
Pg. 195 Poe & Aeralfos

Pg. 196 Items
Pg. 197 More Items
Pg. 198 Locations
Pg. 199 More Locations
Pg. 200 Even More Locations
Pg. 201 Locations, Etc.

Phantom Hourglass Concept Art

Pg. 202 Characters
Pg. 203 Bellum
Pg. 204 Monsters
Pg. 205 Concept Sketches

Spirit Tracks Concept Art

Pg. 206 Link’s Uniform
Pg. 207 Alfonzo & Zelda

Pg. 208 Chancellor Cole
Pg. 209 Byrne
Pg. 210 Malladus
Pg. 211 More Malladus & The Demon Train

Pg. 212 The Sages
Pg. 213 The Lokomo
Pg. 214 Aboda Villagers & Castle Town Citizens
Pg. 215 Whittleton & Papuchia Villagers, Etc.

Pg. 216 Monsters
Pg. 217 More Monsters
Pg. 218 Even More Monsters
Pg. 219 Yet More Monsters

Pg. 220 The Spirit Train
Pg. 221 Trains
Pg. 222 More Trains
Pg. 223 Even More Trains

Pg. 224 Items & Symbols

Pg. 225 Locations
Pg. 226 The Tower of Spirits
Pg. 227 More Tower of Spirits

Design Retrospective

Pg. 228 Link Design Retrospective
Pg. 229 Link Design Retrospective (Cont.)
Pg. 230 Zelda Design Retrospective
Pg. 231 Zelda Design Retrospective (Cont.)
Pg. 232 Ganon Design Retrospective


Pg. 238 & 239 Eiji Aonuma’s Statement
Skyward Sword Manga

Derived Works

Writing Systems of Hyrule

Cool Custom Drawing

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  1. How can Majora’s Mask not be directly after Ocarina of Time?

  2. Justin says:

    Can you post a big document of all the pages? I just got the book and want to read alongside while traveling. Thanks!

  3. Is the book available for sale.

    • Snow says:

      It is, but only in Japan. I got mine from amazon, but I’m not sure about their availability right now. I assume that you’d at least be able to find some used copies, though.

  4. ZeldaFan says:

    What happened to pages four and five?

  5. SirNd says:

    Awesome page, it really helped me out for a homework to do a html page translating it all to spanish, thanks by the way.

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  7. Pav says:

    First of all, thank you so much for your hard (awesome) work! I really really appreciate that someone out there takes her time to do all of this translations so other fans of zelda can enjoy this goods! But I have a question, are you going to re-upload the Skyward Sword manga? I hope so, because I really want to read it… anyway, thanks again for your hard work!

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  9. […] 2! Fortunately, a group of people have translated it into English. You can read the translation here. The book doesn’t boldly state this all makes complete sense, since gameplay comes first. So […]

  10. Dark Link says:

    Anyone else notice that the only timeline that actually ends well is when link is defeated in OoT?

  11. […] Zelda after the Ocarina of Time. I researched through articles in Zelda Wikia, Zelda Dungeon, and Hyrule Historia (officially released by Nintendo in the 25th year anniversary of The Legend of Zelda) and I […]

  12. Max says:

    Do you know what pages 4-67 and 214-237 are? They’re the only ones you haven’t translated. I just want to know what they are, but translations would be good too. Thanks!

  13. GlitterBerri says:

    4 – 67 are a table of contents and Skyward Sword concept art.

    214 – 237 are the rest of the Spirit Tracks concept art, a retrospective on the changing characters of Zelda, Link, and Ganon, and an info list about each Zelda series installment.

    All will be translated, I believe.

  14. TheGodsAreOne says:

    Very good on the translations! But when will there be releases on the sketches of skyward sword and the idea of Zelda and link? Etc because I noticed that all concept art was added except for skyward sword.

  15. TheGodsAreOne says:

    Thanx! It’s kinda funny though that even when the nintendo timeline was released people still argue that it doesn’t prove anything ! I’m like foolio f it comes from nintendo themselves, especially this wonderful book, believe them! :/

  16. Juni says:

    Do you plan on uploading the whole book to mediafire or something when you fully translate the whole thing?

    Because that’d be awesome.

    • GlitterBerri says:

      I’d be a little worried about copyright infringement if I were to do that. I hope if someone else does, though, that they prominently credit the people who worked on the translation, and link each page back to the pages here.

  17. TheGodsAreOne says:

    Sorry to bother you again, but does anybody know if hyrule historia will ever be released in English? All I need is a confirmation from nintendo and that’s all I need.

    • GlitterBerri says:

      No, I haven’t heard anything, and Nintendo of America says they have no information whether it will be released overseas.

      • TheGodsAreOne says:

        That’s too bad. If there is ANY info on that could u post it? 🙂 it’s a good thing you translated this book. You guys did a beautiful job on it. Looking forward to seeing more stuff posted

  18. johnkane says:

    hey is there any way possible for you to send me an e-mail of all the English translations for this book you have i’m a huge fan of Zelda and doing a report for school so would be really helpful if you could please

    • GlitterBerri says:

      The only place I have them stored is on this website, I don’t have a master document with them all in one place, sorry. 🙁 You can try copy and pasting the text from each page into a word document or something.

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  20. Martin says:

    So I read the Zelda Hyrule Historia coming to the UK this is great news

    • TheGodsAreOne says:

      R u serious!? I can jump for joy right now! When will it be releasing? There’s someone I need to smother in the face with this announcement because he spent believe its legit

  21. Martin says:

    Early Next Year

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